Breath of Wild amiibo Hint At Rare Items

YouTube channel GameXplain was recently kind enough to show us all of the current The Legend of Zelda: Breath of Wild amiibo. More importantly, he inspected the back of each amiibo’s packaging for clues to how each figure might affect the game.

All of them say that you can “score rare weapons and items to help you on your adventure” with different items pictured per amiibo. Keep in mind that all these items can be attained by playing the game, it just might take longer. The largest, the Guardian, unlocks the special arrow we saw in the first few announcement trailers for the game, as well as two as yet unknown items. One appears to be some kind of mechanical cog, the other looks like the machine version of a deku nut. They both look to be more suited for crafting than tools for Link to use.

The Bokoblin offers a pair of clubs, one with more bone-like structures than the other. As such, it is likely a choice between slow and high hit points, or fast and low hit points. Nothing too exciting here. Horse rider Link, however, includes and shiny sword and a saddle. Who knows what the saddle does, as GameXplain suggests it might be anything from expanding your inventory to increasing the armor of the horse. The sword doesn’t quite look like the Master sword, and it would be rather disappointing to have that in an amiibo when the item is usually to tightly woven into the main story of the game.

The Zelda amiibo gives only one item, that of the Hylian shield, though it looks a little rusty. Not quite as shiny as the shield that usually comes with the Master sword. The Link amiibo also only has one item to go with it, the far fancier version of the bow we saw in the trailers.

Will you be getting these amiibo and using them to your advantage? Let us know in the comments below!


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