Eiji Aonuma Unboxes Breath of the Wild Limited Edition

In a recent video posted to the Nintendo UK YouTube channel, The Legend of Zelda series producer Eiji Aonuma unboxes the Limited Edition of Breath of the Wild. And he does it like a total nerd, with none of the seriousness one might expect from other producers.

The edition includes the game itself, a Sound Selection CD, and the Master Sword of Resurrection statue. In addition, those fans that order from the Nintendo Official UK Store will get a free t-shirt, with the Sheikah symbol printed on the front. For more information on the other editions, check out our report on it.

The Master Sword, again, it probably the most interesting out of the whole package besides the game itself. Speculation has been abound as to why the sword looks so old and worn, in comparison to the more usual shining example of purity and justice in the other games.

Even in the dark and dreary Twilight Princess, it shone among the ruins and crawling foliage of the area. Also, the flower growing next to it, is apparently called the Silent Princess. And the plot thickens. Could this be a reference to Zelda herself? Is so, why is she silent? Has she been absent in some way, and that’s why there is yet another great evil force for the hero Link to defeat?

Who can really know until March 3rd! Please let us know your thoughts in the comments below, I’d love to hear your theories!

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