Indie Game Celeste Is Coming To The Switch

Even more indie games are being added to the Nintendo Switch’s roster of upcoming titles. Though this new one isn’t going to be a launch title, it might just be one of the most anticipated of the indie community.

Developed by Matt Thorson, the same guy who made the intense platformer TowerFall a few years ago, comes the equally challenging Celeste. This is a new game that began it’s life as a four-day experiment for a virtual cartridge creator called PICO-8, of which is still free-to-play on the game’s site.

Celeste holds the same art style as TowerFall, however instead of the crazy multiplayer, it contains a very difficult set of platforming levels. The goal is to get from one side of the screen to the other, but it’s not going to be easy. Luckily respawning takes about two seconds in the PICO-8 version, though it does start you off at the beginning again.

However for the Switch, Thorson is teaming up with Noel Berry to make Celeste something huge for the Switch. Revealed in a tweet yesterday, “Celeste is coming to Nintendo Switch in 2017! See you on the mountain” coupled with a fancy trailer for the game.

For those who still aren’t sure about the Switch, Celeste will also be coming to the PS4 and PC. Though no definite release date has been given yet for any of the consoles.

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