Stardew Valley Multiplayer Will Debut On The Nintendo Switch

Just when you were thinking about restarting your journey in Stardew Valley, only with the sexy beach front property, Riverland Farm, you can soon play it on the Nintendo Switch instead!

Revealed at Nintendo’s indie game event, Nindies, Stardew Valley will come sometime in the summer and make use of the console’s multiplayer mode. This is not the first time Eric Barone has hinted at multiplayer for the game, but now it’s finally ready and heading for the Switch later this year.

It has not yet been made clear if multiplayer will extend to other platforms, but it is unlikely the mode will be exclusive to the Switch. There would be a lot of angry paying customers if it were to be such.

As to how multiplayer would work on the farming simulator, probably just like it does in Minecraft. You can just collect together in one person’s game, or join a multiplayer field and get unique or rare items there.

Stardew Valley has officially been out for a whole year now, as of yesterday, for the PS4, PC, and Xbox One. Multiplayer will debut on the Switch, to the demand of many fans for quite sometime, and hopefully for all the other platforms as well.


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