Bethesda And AMD Join In “Unprecedented” Partnership

At the Game Developers Conference, Bethesda announced that it will be partnering with tech company AMD. AMD specializes in microprocessors, motherboard chipsets, embedded processors and graphics processors for servers, workstations and personal computers, and embedded systems applications.Bethesda And AMD Join In "Unprecedented" Partnership

As to what exactly is going to come out of this partnership, AMD has stated that “the promising potential of an AMD/Bethesda strategic partnership was demonstrated just last summer in a successful collaborative engineering effort to inject Vulkan API technology into DOOM. The result delivered unprecedented performance alongside improved visual fidelity.”

Exciting news, especially for the expansive worlds that Bethesda owns in Fallout and Skyrim. However those and DOOM will not be the only games affected by this partnership as “the multi-title agreement will see the two companies collaborate to develop and accelerate the implementation of new technologies, including the full potential of low-level APIs, such as Vulkan®, and the computing and graphics power of AMD Ryzen CPUs, Radeon™ GPUs, and AMD server solutions across existing Bethesda franchises. The close-knit strategic partnership will combine hardware, software and game engineering talents at both companies with the creative genius of Bethesda content developers to deliver extraordinary experiences on upcoming hardware architectures.”

It certainly sounds like a good plan, and of all the large publishing companies, Bethesda relies more heavily on the tech AMD makes than most of them. What do you think will come of this new partnership? Let us know in comments below!


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