Mass Effect: Andromeda Trailer Explores the Galaxy

The newest Mass Effect: Andromeda trailer was released today and it focuses on exploration and it looks unlike any of the games in the series. With elements from survival games like temperature that actually affects your health, the trailer shows how the player must be prepared and to play it safe out in the deserts of the Krogan planet.

Your ship, the Tempest, not only has windows, but what you see outside of them are places you can actually go and are surprisingly detailed from a space point of view. And once you get down to the surface of those planets, the Nomad will take you places Mako never could. It can show you a whole new world, like the shining and shimmering heat waves of a desert, or the splendidly cool rain of a tropical planet. Over sideways and under on a magical rover ride.

Exploring in this way and making friends with the locals can net you upgrades for your ship, “viability points” which sound like they’re related to helping you wake up more colonists. What’s more, according to the trailer, there are plenty of mysteries to solve, including the large ancient vaults we saw at E3 2016’s trailer. Apparently, “simply figuring out how to access one of the vaults is a challenge in and of itself that can take you across an entire world. Resolving the mystery of these vaults may just hold the key to survival in Andromeda.”

The space opera will coming out on March 21st for North America, and the 23rd in Europe. What do you think of this trailer? Does it look quite different from the other Mass Effect games? Let us know in the comments below!

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