Mass Effect: Andromeda – A Seduction Trophy For Replayability

“I would like to have The Sex with you,” to quote a Supernatural episode, is a concept turned into a trophy in the upcoming Mass Effect: Andromeda. According to Exophase, a gaming activity tracker, most of Andromeda‘s achievements are to do with combat or levelling up in the story, but one stands out among the rest. It’s called “matchmaker” and all you have to do is “complete romances with three different characters across all playthroughs.”Mass Effect: Andromeda - A Seduction Trophy For Replayability

That’s right, romance three characters in what I presume to be three playthroughs, unless BioWare has finally included a ménage à trois. Indeed, it has been implied that the romance options in Andromeda are not so limited as one long term relationship; some characters are really just in it for The Sex. Also, a threesome would be pretty hot. I think all BioWare fans can admit they’ve at least fantasized about it.

Nonetheless, we’ve seen a trophy for completing one romance in almost all BioWare games, but never three times. Romancing someone must be reaching new heights with a trophy like this. Maybe we’ll even have sex scenes to rival Witcher 3‘s. Perhaps wishful thinking, but I have hope. I’m usually rather committed to just one romance per playthrough, in case someone gets jealous. So being able to pursue more than one person seems a lot more authentic to myself, if not other fans.

What do you think of this fancy trophy? Is it worth going through three playthroughs? Let us know in the comments below!

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