It Is Now Confirmed That Symmetra Is Autistic

After the reveal of Tracer’s sexuality in the Overwatch comics, it seems only natural that we learn more about other characters too. Turns out, in Symmetra’s comic, Binary, she stated that “Sanjay [Korpal, an agent of Vishkar and a coworker] has always said I was… different. Everyone has. Asking where I fit on the spectrum.” It’s a vague enough statement that people could only speculate what she means by this.It Is Now Confirmed That Symmetra Is Autistic

However, it’s now been confirmed by Jeff Kaplan himself in a letter to a fan stating that “I’m glad you asked about Symmetra. It was very astute of you to notice that she mentioned the spectrum in our comic. Symmetra is autistic. She is one of our most beloved heroes and we think she does a great job of representing just how awesome someone with autism can be.”

The fan originally sent Kaplan a letter to express his gratitude that Blizzard made a game that allowed them to get closer to their brother. Kaplan, moved by the story, responded personally and seemed more than happy to confirm that Symmetra is indeed on the autistic spectrum. Kaplan’s letter also came with a set of magnets, which were quite appreciated by the fan “he also sent me magnets and made me feel special. He is a cinnamon roll and we must protect him.”

Did you have your suspicions all along, or does this come as a complete surprise to you? Will it change how you play the game? Let us know in the comments below!

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