Monster Hunter XX: The Ultimate Crossover Game

The next Monster Hunter game, Monster Hunter XX, finally has trailers! All of them feature special in-game crossovers like Zelda, Okami, Garo, and Strider. According to Inside, via Kotaku, Ace Attorney is also part of the list, but Capcom hasn’t released a trailer for that yet. The game is set to release in Japan on March 18th of this year for the 3DS, though no international release has been mentioned. All of these crossovers are available via special DLC event quests.Monster Hunter XX: The Ultimate Crossover Game

The first crossover, and possibly the most exciting, is The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. It’s always fascinating to see different versions of Link and how the animators choose to draw him within the world. Here we have a much bulkier Link, looking far more capable of wielding the heavy sword and bow that is as tall as he is. The bow and arrow displayed certainly looks like it could take out a monster in one hit, though I doubt that’s the case. Monsters are supposed to difficult, not easy, or wouldn’t be a very good game.

The second, probably my favourite, is the adorable crossover with Okami. The god comes in the form of a cat dressed up as Okami with all the cool weapons and abilities as the characters. I wasn’t expecting to see the brush used, but it’s shown in the trailer and it looks awesome. The brush strokes were a little overpowered sometimes, but it never made fights any less fun.

In third place comes Garo. His moves look pretty sweet, as does his very shiny gold armor:

And last but not least is Strider, from the legendary hack and slash platformer:

What do you think of all these crossovers? Let us know in the comments below!

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