Space Jam 2 Has a Director, Starring LeBron James

space jam 2Space Jam 2 has finally landed on a director. Justin Lin, the man behind Fast & Furious 6, will be bringing the intergalactic basketball movie to life.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Lin will be teaming up with writer  Andrew Dodge for the sequel. While it is still early in development, sources say that the two are currently working on the script. LeBron James will be starring alongside the Looney Tunes cast.

Rumors of the sequel began circulating years ago. After James signed a deal with Warner Bros. in July, the hype train began rolling again.

The original Space Jam made more than $230 million worldwide when it released in 1996. With the star power of Michael Jordan and Bill Murray, the Looney Tunes characters teamed up to fight against aliens in a game of basketball.

Lin has directed four of the Fast & Furious films starting with Tokyo Drift in 2006. He also is the director behind the upcoming Star Trek Beyond.

We are excited to see what Space Jam 2 has to offer. Our one worry is that the voice actors for our favorite characters like Bugs Bunny won’t sound exactly right. It can be very difficult to forget how a character sounds, and that may be a difficult hurdle to jump over. We have faith that this can be great, so keep coming back as news develops.

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