Dishonored 2 Release Date Announced by Bethesda

dishonored 2 release dateEven though we haven’t seen much of it yet, the Dishonored release date has finally be announced. Better yet, you’ll be playing it this year.

According to Bethesda’s announcement, the game will be hitting store shelves on November 11, 2016. Additionally, the first public gameplay footage will be revealed during their E3 2016 press event.

While not a big surprise, it is still nice to know that we’ll be seeing much more of the title in just over a month. If last year’s press event is any indication, we can expect to see a pretty sizable chunk of Dishonored 2.

So far, little is known about the game. Originally announced with the trailer below, the game will force players to choose whether to play as returning lead Corvo Attano or all-grown-up Emily Caldwin.

We are more than curious about the story behind the upcoming sequel. Last time we saw Emily, she was the heir to the Dunwall Throne. Now with her own, unique set of powers, we can’t wait to see what motivates her.

One of the common complaints about the first game was that it was too easy. This time around, there will be a new host of settings including one that changes how visible you are while leaning around corners. These new options can really add a lot of challenge for veteran players.

We’ll be hosting a lot of coverage of E3 2016 this year. There is much more than the Dishonored 2 release date for Bethesda to announce. Get ready to watch their press event on Sunday, June 12. Also, be sure you come back here to catch any and all news you may have missed.

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