Horizon Zero Dawn: Patch 1.04 Improves Quest Glitches

Guerilla Games announced recently that it has a brand new patch for Horizon Zero Dawn, which fixes quite a few major glitches players have been having with main and side quests. That said, the fixes quoted below contains quite a few spoilers. If you have any more problems or issues to add, by all means comment on the update and let the developers know. Your feedback is what keeps patches like these coming in and improving gameplay.Horizon Zero Dawn: Patch 1.04 Improves Quest Glitches

In addition, Guerilla would like to let you know that it is are aware of the bug showing doubled armor stats. The extra stats do not affect gameplay, so be careful before you bite off a bigger piece of dinosaur than you can handle. The studio is working on it and the fix will likely come in the next patch.

Warning: Spoilers for Horizon Zero Dawn ahead.

Main Quests

Fixed an issue in “The Proving” where one of the attackers would fall down the slope.

Fixed an issue in “The Womb of the Mountain” where the spear would not be in Aloy’s inventory if players opened a treasure box with a DLC item before retrieving Aloy’s weapons. Note: Players who have already encountered the issue will need to reload from a game saved prior to this quest.

Fixed an issue in “A Seeker at the Gates” where players would be able to enter the gates of Mother’s Watch when fast-traveling to this location.

Fixed an issue in “A Seeker at the Gates” where the quest objective would not update from “Go to the Carja Border Fort” to “Kill the corrupted machines”.

Fixed an issue in “A Seeker at the Gates” where players could not progress through the Carja Fort.

Fixed an issue in “The City of the Sun” where Erend wouldn’t spawn after the dialogue with him ended if players rushed past the civilians on the bridge.

Fixed an issue in “The Sun Shall Fall” where players couldn’t return to Dervahl if they fast-traveled during the objective “Talk to Dervahl”.

Fixed an issue in “The Grave Hoard” where skipping the conversation with Sylens at the end of the quest and immediately restarting would prevent “To Curse the Darkness” from starting.

Fixed an issue in “Deep Secrets of the Earth” where players couldn’t enter the bunker if they fast-traveled away from the objective after they had interacted with the bunker.

Fixed an issue in “The Terror of the Sun” where Aloy would respawn in an empty arena after being killed by the Behemoth. Note: Players who have already encountered the issue will need to go to Sunfall, at which point they will be teleported back into the arena to continue the quest.

Side Quests and Activities

Fixed an issue in “Hunter’s Blind” where the objective would not update after talking to Talanah.

Fixed an issue in “Hunter’s Blind” where players could kills the Glinthawks before the actual objective was triggered.

Fixed an issue in “The Foreign Lands” where players could already deliver the bow to Lakhir before being instructed to do so.

Fixed an issue in “Fatal Inheritance” where the objective would fail to update after disabling the lure device and speaking with Ranaman during the quest.

Fixed an issue in “Blood on Stone” where the Rockbreaker would not surface correctly if players fast-traveled from and to the quest area just before the start of the sequence.

Fixed an issue in “Death from the Skies” where the Stormbird objective would remain active after deactivating the lures and fast-traveling from and to the quest area.

Fixed an issue in “Redmaw” where Redmaw would be alive again if players left the quest area during the objective “Talk to Ahsis”.

Fixed an issue in “Redmaw” where the marker for the objective “Talk to Ahsis” would be invisible outside of the quest area.

Game Systems

Fixed an issue where exploration music would drop out after a long period of play.

Fixed an issue where Aloy could become ‘stuck’ in her sliding animation.

Fixed miscellaneous issues to improve the overall play experience.

Have you experienced any of these issues? Have they been very disruptive to gameplay? Let us know in the comments below!


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