E3 2016: Nintendo Won’t Have Direct

And with this, Nintendo’s E3 2016 should just be outright cancelled.

Last week, we learned that Nintendo would not be unveiling the Nintendo NX at this year’s E3, and they are only planning to show The Legend of Zelda. With that news, we were expecting one of their famed Nintendo Directs that would at least unveil some new 3DS games slated for the fall. However, this morning, Nintendo has made official their E3 plans: there won’t be an E3 Direct, either.

IGN is reporting that, instead of Nintendo’s normal E3 stream, they’re going to have Reggie Fils-Aime kick off a day-long stream of Nintendo Treehouse: Live at 9AM PT on June 14. What’s more, Nintendo says it will feature gameplay from The Legend of Zelda with “special commentaries from Nintendo developers.”

The game will still be playable on the E3 show floor, and we’ll let you know our initial thoughts following this year’s show.

Nintendo didn’t say whether or not they’ll use that day-long stream to announce any new games, but by the sounds of it, the stream is going to be Zelda-only. Bummer. We assumed Nintendo wouldn’t do an actual press conference, as they haven’t done one in a few years, but skipping a Direct is an absolutely terrible idea.

It sounds like Nintendo is simply taking a mulligan on 2016. Thoughts? For more E3 talk, check out our E3 2016 predictions.

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