Injustice 2 Announces Claw-some Cheetah

Warner Bros. has released more official details on the ladies of Injustice 2, this time focusing on Cheetah. The game, to come out May 16th, 2017, contains one of the most extensive rosters known to DC video games.

It even follows the story in the upcoming comic book series of the same name, which is essentially a slightly more in-depth version of Batman V. Superman. Cheetah fits into the story by acting as Wonder Woman’s rival, fighting against the latter and a few other enemies to show off her sweet moves.

This trailer has only one down side, Cheetah’s power move is not nearly as visually breathtaking as previous characters, like Swamp Thing or Firestorm. Nor, for that matter, are her normal attacks. They don’t look nearly as smooth and bone-crushing as her predecessors.

Unfortunately, Cheetah looks like she belongs in a previous iteration of the game, rather than a brand new one for the more recent consoles. Though I do continue to enjoy how the game uses the arena setting itself in some of the attacks, like the Batwing and a seemingly random broken tusk of an elephant statue.

However, such a simple character is good for those players who would rather button-mash their way through a session with a few combos here and there than win on technical speed and memorization. If that is the case, Cheetah might not be as popular as some might hope her to be.

Do you like Cheetah’s moves? Will you be trying her out in the game? Let us know in the comments below.
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