Killing Floor 2 Gets New Sharpshooter Class, More Details at E3 2016

Killing Floor 2 players should prepare themselves for a brand new Sharpshooter class to enter into the mix, as developer Tripwire Interactive has announced some of the details for the upcoming content.

In a blog post on the official Steam page, Tripwire notes that the new Sharpshooter class will, of course, be designed around precision aiming (as the name suggests). With the update, a new weapon will join the current roster of guns. Tripwire shared a rendered image of the M14 EBR rifle, a new Tier 3 weapon that Sharpshooters will be able to use. What’s more, the Sharpshooter will get its own grenade type in the form of a LNF (Liquid Nitrogen Freeze) grenade. Tripwire notes that the new grenade is “capable of stopping zeds in their tracks.”

Killing Floor 2 M14 EBR Rifle

The Sharpshooter class isn’t the only update planned for Killing Floor 2, as there’s also a Tier 4 railgun currently in the works that will be detailed soon. The developer also noted some of the balance changes it intends to implement, including increasing the amount of ammo you start with for Tier 1 weapons, ammo cap increases, and a change to how zombies are incapacitated in the game. So, instead of the current model of on/off for incapacitating zeds, the new system will be a build-up and fall off over time, so weapons will stack up incapacitation potential over time, and it will fall off if the damage stops or the “incap” triggers. There will also be new weapon balances put into place, although details were not given.

As far as a release date for the new content is concerned, Tripwire says they don’t plan to announce anything until E3 2016 in June. For now, you can pick up a copy of Killing Floor 2 on Steam Early Access.

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