First Party Games “Critical” For Scorpio Launch

Phil Spencer has taken to Twitter once more to answer fan’s questions and concerns about the Scorpio launch at this year’s E3. The first question comes from LosDreamss, who inquires if the Scorpio will have any launch games and suggests State of Decay and Crackdown are good options.First Party Games "Critical" For Scorpio Launch

Spencer doesn’t confirm either game, but he does state that “having our 1P ready for Scorpio is critical.” This is essentially stating the obvious, but it is nonetheless good to hear that Microsoft feels the same way we do about what is to come for E3 2017.

Ahmad1987077 followed up LosDreamss question by expressing some of our deepest fears, that Microsoft might focus entirely on Scorpio and forget to make good exclusive games for it too. Or rather, the “Xbox family”, however long that is going to last.

Spencer reiterated his initial response and stated that Microsoft is very focused on first party games and that he’ll be careful when he announces things. More so, that he is fully aware how important strong first party games will be for the Scorpio.

Good news, to be sure. Especially with the rumored separate event that Microsoft will be holding especially for the Scorpio, the new console is going to need all the help it can get from the games we can play on it.

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