Jak and Daxter Will Be Available On The PS4 Soon

Coming some time this year to the PS Store near you, the PS2 games Jak and Daxter: The Precursor Legacy, Jak II, Jak 3, and Jak X: Combat Racing will be available on the PS4. An exact date has not yet been set, but the trailer does look pretty stellar and showcases all of the old games that will be out soon.

Keep in mind that this is not a remaster, this is a conversion. Some features will not be available that were unique to the PS2 and the controls will be different in some places. Also this is a digital purchase from PS Store, so there will be a price tag whether you have the original games or not.

If you don’t recall, the Jak and Daxter is a game series centred around two protagonists, one of which was accidentally transformed into an Ottsel, a half otter, half weasel.

Your journey for most of the first game is trying to figure out how to turn your friend back into his normal self. However on your way to collecting various power cells, you come up against a many-headed organization bent on something sinister.

Though this trilogy on the PS4 is fairly exciting, I was hoping that Sony would remaster the games, as I think they’re a classic just as much as Crash Bandicoot is.


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