Sega Hinting At Bayonetta With Countdown Page

We thought it was an April fool’s, but it’s still there. Sega has a countdown page, aimed at 12 p.m. ET on April 11 2017. If you brighten up your screen quite a bit, you can see Bayonetta’s foot just behind the could also mean that Bayonetta is coming to the Switch.

It’s the same foot seen on the collector’s edition box art. We’re not sure what it means, but so far speculation says that Bayonetta might be coming to PC. Since the teaser came straight of the April fool’s 8-bit Bayonetta on Steam, folks have assuming it means a PC release.

However, as an isolated incident, and since Bayonetta is generally made by Nintendo and Sega, it could also mean that Bayonetta is coming to the Switch. It would certainly be something worth teasing, and it won’t matter if it’s a new game with new content and story, or if the old versions are going straight to the Nintendo eShop.

The release of any kind of Bayonetta on the console would expand the Switch’s audience, as Bayonetta is far more about selling sex than it is about FPS skill.

Bayonetta could open the door for far more R-rated games to be either created for the Switch or ported over. All of which could be directed towards the more mature and older audience that might be looking for that kind of mature fun in their console.


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