Blizzard Teases “One Of The Best Things” For Overwatch

If nothing else, Blizzard sure knows how to hype their own games. Especially Overwatch, it seems, as the amount of teases within the last year are a lot more than I see for any other franchise.

This time around, the tease has come from Twitter, where Overwatch posted a twenty second video showing a mission archive file titled “King’s Row Uprising” with a time stamp that says seven years ago. The file is apparently confidential and will be declassified come April 11th.

The only other tiny snippet of information that we have in addition to this, is that it won’t be a t-shirt giveaway and that lead character artist Renaud Galand thinks it is “one of the best things we have worked on since launch!”

Nonetheless, this tease could literally mean anything from a new skin, event, map, mode, or hero. Though Blizzard did just come out with Orisa, so it seems a new hero is relatively unlikely.

An event is also unlikely, as the company did state they wouldn’t be doing those again, and apparently the Chinese New Year one didn’t count. Game director Jeff Kaplan also did say that there would be not Easter or Valentine’s Day event. Though keep in mind that the game’s anniversary is coming up next month.

No matter how much Galand or anyone of the Overwatch staff hype it up, it could be nothing more than a short video adding to the lore of the game world. And maybe a special loot box for a little while.

Personally, what I’d like to see, is a single player campaign that actually explores the world of Overwatch. Thus far, these have been hidden in short videos and comic books, and they have created a world I definitely want to run around in as one of the characters.

It could be anything! What would you like to see? Let us know in the comments below!


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