Drawn To Death Has God Of War Skins

Drawn to Death has officially made it to the PlayStation Plus freebie list and is available now for those lucky few of you who have a subscription. In addition, and completely under advertised, is a God of War skin pack that you can purchase with the game. It’s an extra $13.49, but it looks pretty stellar, as you can see above and in the link provided to the PS Store.Drawn To Death Has God Of War Skins

The pack includes six sets, inspired by God of War, each for the six characters in the game. The skins feature Kratos’ famous (or infamous) red tattoos and and gold armor, all uniquely tailored to the stars of the game.

Those characters include, thus far, Johnny Savage, Alan, Bronco, Cyborgula, Diabla Tijuana, and Nin Jaw. All very creative names that have everything to do with their special weapons, moves, and powers within the game.

If these characters have you interested, Drawn to Death is a third-person shooter in death match mode, in the playing field of a teenager’s notebook. The developers of the game proclaim that Drawn to Death has gameplay and weapons  unlike any other shooter out there.

Though to be completely honest, it’s the art style of the game that has drawn people’s attention. There is nothing quite like a rough sketch being the finished product of the game. You still move through 3D spaces, but they are mostly white with a hint of color to important things like a giant octopus or the long tongue of a monster.

What do you think of these skins? Are they worth it to make your character feel even more unique than they already are? Let us know in the comments below!


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