For Honor: Now With Dishonorable Steam Ratings

During For Honor‘s marketing, I almost forgot that it was a Ubisoft. I was charmed by the graphics and lack of collectables.For Honor: Now With Dishonorable Steam Ratings

Unfortunately, then the game came out with the connections problems, bad online matching, and not entirely logical skill tree system.

It seems that these problems are finally reflected on For Honor‘s steam page. The game never reached “mostly positive” and two months later, it was mixed, and now it’s “mostly negative.”

Some of the reasons I mentioned above could be what sent players over the edge, but the one resounding cry has been the connection issues among those giving negative reviews.

In addition, there was that fairly major protest among players on the rate at which Steel (the in-game currency used to by paints/skins) is earned.

That and other problems have only been aggravated due to Ubisoft’s lack of response in addressing any of them. Though Ubisoft did later increase the rate of earning, the damage to the community was already done.

The Steam rating is but an already known sign of the sinking ship, as For Honor‘s player base has been dwindling since the beginning.

Hopefully this means Ubisoft will finally do something about it and address some of the major issues with the game, like a better single player campaign would be nice.

Do you think For Honor is a game worth saving? What could Ubisoft do to get their player base back? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!


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