Twitch Has PC Games Available For Purchase

Looks like Twitch is taking on Steam in the fight to be the best games store ever. The announcement promises that this new service will provide the same great games that your favorite streamers play and will reward you with Twitch crates for each purchase. These are loot crates that include things like special emojis and chat badges.Twitch Has PC Games Available For Purchase

If you want to jump on this and go on a buying spree, keep in mind that the new Twitch desktop app is required for some games (just as the Steam one is for Steam games), or sometimes third party services like Uplay.

If you’re curious, there is absolutely no price difference between Steam and Twitch. Other than the generally super cool Steam sales (there is nothing more satisfying than buying a triple A game for half the price), retailers like Amazon or Best Buy are still the best when it comes to competitive pricing on games.

That said, there is one rather significant difference between these Twitch provided games and Steam. Twitch is exclusively selling the PC version, whereas Steam still provides other platforms, like Mac and Linux.

This makes sense, as Twitch is a streaming service, something that can be done pretty much only on the PC. However it’s not exclusive to the PC. If you’re not worried out price and like Macs better for your gaming (more and more games are compatible with Mac), than this service is useless to you.

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