Call Of Duty Movie Will Be Marvel-esque

Activision has been after the film franchise cookie for awhile, and has thus far managed a fair-sized bite with Netflix’s Skylanders. Don’t worry, I completely forgot that was from Activision too. One does not often associate the video game publishing company with children’s media.Call Of Duty Movie Will Be In Marvel-Style

Nonetheless, it’s full steam ahead with Activision’s next film project: Call of Duty. You might be thinking that the games are pretty much a movie onto themselves, but it seems that the company has that part figured out too.

In an interview with The Guardian, co-leaders of Activision’s film company Stacey Sher (producer of Hateful Eight) and Nick van Dyk (former Disney executive) explained exactly how Call of Duty will be converted to the silver screen.

Sher states that they’ve been planning this out for a few years now, and that one of these planned films will be like “the story behind the story” to Black Ops; another film will be more like Modern Warfare and keeping the Big Brother theme; the third example she detailed as Advanced Warfare, with the private cooperations battling with the public.

Well, they sound just like the games so far. But it seems that Sher and van Dyke are also tossing around the idea of a COD TV series, focusing on a specific theme, like WWII or Vietnam. As such, the leaders have compared their ideas to the Marvel cinematic universe, and how it set up characters you cared deeply about with great writing and directing.

I’m not really sure how that will work out, but it’s certainly possible, even if I think that most COD aren’t quite filled with the depth that Marvel’s are. Nonetheless, as of yet there are multiple scripts for the COD movie franchise, however we have yet to hear of a release date or title.

Do you think COD can be converted into a movie franchise? Would it better off as a TV series? Let us know in the comments below.


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