Project Scorpio: The Tech Specs Have Been Released

The technical specifications for Project Scorpio have arrived! I won’t pretend to be a computer engineer here, but I can tell you: it’s big, it’s faster, and it’s above the PS4 Pro. If you are, Digital Foundry was invited to Microsoft’s Redmond campus for an exclusive preview of the Scorpio and has all the tiny details you need. For everyone else, here are the glossy details:Project Scorpio: The Tech Specs Have Been Released

It’s Big. The memory is the highest in console existence, using 12GB GDDR5. A whole 4GB out of that 12 is reserved for the system, and the rest is purely for developers to play with. This means that the Scorpio’s dashboard will be able to be rendered at native 4K resolution as well, theoretically. For comparison’s sake, the Xbox One and PS4 Pro have 8GB.

It’s Faster. The Scorpio hits 4K and 60fps like a quick jog in the park, using only 70% of its GPU’s full potential. Surely that means it heats like crazy? Yes, but Microsoft has that figured out: each board is specifically customized for each chip, increasing the efficiency to a micro level, and a “vapor chamber heat sink” never before seen in the guts of a console. This is a “copper vessel… with ionized distilled water under a vacuum.” The water absorbs the heat, which creates steam, which makes its way to the heat sink fins where it condenses into water again. All especially customized for the Scorpio only.

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It’s Above the PS4 Pro. The Scorpio hits Sony’s crack at a “professional” console out of the park by a mile. The Scorpio’s custom engine has 40 Radeon compute units and runs at 1172MHz, compared to the PS4 Pro’s 911MHz. Digital Foundry saw Forza Horizon 3 demoed on this sexy hunk and it was enough to impress. Microsoft even tried to make it clear that this speed and high performance was not just going to happen with one game. Oh, and it runs 4K UHD Blu-ray. Not like the PS4 Pro’s biggest mistake of only running a regular Blu-ray.

There you have it, the best of the best. Now all Microsoft needs are the games to make the Scorpio worth it – because there is no doubt this stud is going to come with a hefty price. Let’s hope there’s another game with sweeping landscapes and beautiful sunsets that has less cars and more people. Hopefully, the focus at E3 2017 will now be on games.

What do you think of the Scorpio? Is it worth it already or are you waiting for the games too? Let us know in the comments below!

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