Battlefield 1 Preorders May Include Free Map DLC

battlefield 1 preordersBattlefield 1 preorders have gone up. According to their descriptions, preorders will be coming with a whole extra map for free. You can’t beat that price!

To quote the description directly, the bonus entails “seven day early access to a free map drop.” It can be expected that this will then be available to all players after those seven days.

While this news doesn’t come directly from EA or DICE, there is not reason to doubt this bit of news. Many modern games (especially military shooters) have been including free levels or maps as a preorder bonus for years now. Some even go as far as to make specific levels retail exclusive until it is eventually released for everyone months later.

The main worry on everyone’s mind is whether or not Battlefield 1 servers can withstand the first week of traffic. The last main-line game, Battlefield 4, was practically unplayable for many at its start. The problem was bad enough that it tarnished an otherwise clean record. Luckily, there were no such issues with the release of Battlefield: Hardline.

We are excited for the change to finally go back to historical warfare instead of reaching farther and farther into the future. World War I is criminally underused in the video game industry, and we really hope this title lives up to the expectations.

With Battlefield preorders offering free content, there is really no reason to wait if you already planned on buying the game. With Amazon’s new Prime deal with new games, you can even get the Deluxe Edition for the price of the standard game. Check it out below.

Preorder here.

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