Rumor: Dragon Age Voice Actress Hints At Elf-Related Game

Please keep in mind that there has been no official announcement from BioWare, or anything resembling a hint. However that’s no reason not to be excited. Alix Wilton Regan, the voice behind the British-accented female Inquisitor in the third Dragon Age instalment, has announced that she’s “back in the studio and breaking worlds apart… she’s a very very very angry #Elf.”Rumor: Dragon Age Voice Actress Hints At Elf-Related Game

The hashtag is what has everyone so excited, but it’s also entirely possible that Regan is working for a completely different title that isn’t at all BioWare related. Indeed, as she stated in the comments, “this is not a #dragonage related post, but, the good news is, there are other elves out there!”

But if this is a BioWare studio, that’s a whole new ball game. Maybe the studio has kicked Dragon Age 4 and is going for a whole new IP? If it is not a BioWare studio, however, than elves come a dime a dozen in other fantasy games. Films too, for that matter, as Regen didn’t mention whether this was for a film or game either.

In addition, voice actors aren’t restricted to just one studio (game or film) or just one character. If they were, they wouldn’t be very good voice actors. But the hint is here, for those of us that need what hope we can grasp for BioWare’s next game after the staggering fumble of Mass Effect: Andromeda.


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