Bethesda Hiring For Multiplayer Game

These new job postings sure make it look like Bethesda might be riding the coat tails of Blizzard’s Overwatch; as so many other game studios have, such as Paragon, Gigantic, and Paladins, to name a few. The postings include the usual: artist, engineer, programmer, and the varying non-specific roles within.Bethesda Hiring For Multiplayer Game

However what has caught our eye this time, is the Senior Core Tech Engineer. Among the desired skills of knowing C++ inside and out, programming, rendering, Python, etc. lies the phrase “developing for online multiplayer environment.”

Of course, this could mean anything; ZeniMax Media owns quite a few studios that produce multiplayer games, such as id Software (known for Dark Souls). Bethesda’s franchises, however, have been entirely single player, save for An Elder Scrolls Legend: Battlespire, a tried and failed experience in multiplayer. This could mean a DLC to one of Bethesda’s games, a simple add-on multiplayer for a new single player game, or it could be a multiplayer focused game.

Judging by all the other job postings, I’d say a new game is in the works and someone is building a new team for it. However, it could still be that multiplayer will just be a feature more than an actual focus, as the engineer posting itself has the requirement quite far down the list.

But how would a multiplayer game from Bethesda turn out? What would you like it see from them? Let us know in the comments below!


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