Nioh’s Dragon of the North DLC Release Date Announced

Well, we finally have a release date, as announced by publisher Koei Tecmo on (translation via WCCF Tech), for that PvP update Team Ninja mentioned back before Nioh was launched: May 2nd of this year. We can only assume that it will be around the same date for the international release, as the game itself was launched in Japan and internationally within a few days of each other.Nioh's Dragon of the North DLC Release Date Announced

To be clear, it will not be free, about $12 USD. The PvP update (which will release on the same day) to the game will be free, just not the whole DLC package.

However, Dragon of the North will include more goodies than just PvP, as it is a story expansion too, like a new weapon type, scenarios, characters, guardian spirits, and stages. Who knows, there might even be a different bad guy who doesn’t favor being almost entirely shirtless and wearing dark cloaks. Seriously, it’s raining half the time, evil does not keep one warm.

For those who haven’t picked it up already, Nioh comes from a long line of “games like Dark Souls“, though it’s developed by a completely unrelated studio and publisher (except Sony). It’s dark, gritty, tough, and though not quite the spectacular monsters of Dark Souls, still fairly well-designed artistically.

Nioh is out now on the PS4 only, one of the many well-chosen and crafted exclusives to the console.

What are you hoping to see in this DLC? Will you be purchasing it? Let us know in the comments below!


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