Overwatch News: Insurrection Event Starts April 11, Details Here

Yet another Overwatch leak has given us some of the new details for the upcoming yet-to-be announced Insurrection Event.Overwatch Insurrection event launch

PlayStation France posted Blizzard’s trailer for the new event earlier this morning, but it has since deleted the trailer (looks like someone jumped the gun). However, thanks to the internet, we were able to snag some of the juicy details from the trailer before it was taken down.

First and foremost, there will be a new cooperative horde-style mode for the event, which apparently will be set on a daytime version of the King’s Row map. Players will take on endless waves of Omnic foes, which Polygon notes is filled with two-legged mechanical beasts and robots with shields — typical Overwatchian fare.

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The mode will apparently allow players to choose from four of the classic Overwatch characters: Mercy, Torbjörn, Reinhardt, or Tracer — similar to Junkenstein’s Revenge from last year’s Halloween event.

Of course, along with the new game mode will come new skins, sprays, victory poses, and emotes, with Blizzard, themselves, noting that there are 100 new unlockable items in the Insurrection update, which according to the trailer, will run between April 11 and May 1.

As of posting this, the official trailer has yet to be released on Blizzard or Overwatch’s official YouTube channels. However, stay tuned for more, as they’ll likely post it soon.

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