BioWare’s New IP To Debut At E3 2017

Well. That nips some of our E3 2017 predictions in the bud. According to video game journalist Liam Robertson, “it’s like, triple sourced, rock solid information,” BioWare’s new IP will debut at E3 2017 and it’s called Dylan.BioWare's New IP To Debut At E3 2017

The IP was teased back in E3 2014, in which lots of carefully vague statements were slipped in among Andromeda tidbits. It’s been about four years, so it seems like this year is about the right time for this new IP to be announced properly.

During Robertson’s Patreon podcast, which only is viewable by backers like International Business Times, he mentioned that the new IP is called “Dylan,” after the musician Bob Dylan. This is apparently a reference to the main character, but it’s quite likely this title will change. Just as the times are a changin’ too, I suppose.

Nonetheless, Roberstson also says that the new IP is a sci-fi, “Destiny-like” game with inspiration from Tom Clancy’s The Division. This fits with 2014’s tease, that this is going to be even bigger than Mass Effect in scale. The journalist also mentions that, like Destiny, “semi-MMO” and co-op elements will be present as well.

The one part that Robertson is less sure about, stating that this comes from an artist working on the project, that the two main characters are “Adonis” like figures and another character is less so, “more schlubby looking.” I can’t decide if that’s a good thing or not, as I do like diversity more than I like beauty.

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