Uncharted: The Lost Legacy Release Date Announced

Uncharted: The Lost Legacy was announced during the PlayStation Experience event in December of 2016, only as a DLC to Uncharted: Thief’s End. Now, it appears to be a full game set after Thief’s End and stars Chloe Frazer instead of the famous (infamous) Nathan Drake, and another recurring character, Nadine.

Nadine and Frazer are off treasure hunting to find Ganesh’s horn in India. Well, I suppose they wouldn’t find it anywhere else, but Uncharted isn’t known for its historical accuracy.

The Lost Legacy will be launching August 22nd in the US and the 23rd in Europe, exclusive to the PS4, of course. And thus far, it’s going to be coming out at the low price of $40. A likely hint that it’s not a full game, or perhaps a rather short one.

When you pre-order The Lost Legacy, you can also get the collection of Jak and Daxter games recently announced for the PS4 for free. Probably because the games were made by the same studio, Naughty Dog.

More importantly, in my opinion, is that this game stars two ladies. I couldn’t be more thrilled that this a game about strong-willed woman of varying nationalities going treasure hunting and kicking ass. It’s a little disappointing that it started out as a DLC, an kind of afterthought to the main game, but I’ll take what I can get. Especially since it turned out to be a full game, hopefully anyway.

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