Bayonetta Now Out On Steam

So, turns out that countdown a little while ago was all about the PC port for Bayonetta. For the first time ever, PC gamers can enjoy this lovely hack-and-slash game legally – I mean, I’m sure Bayonetta have never been pirated for the PC before.

In addition, if you nab this game before April 25th, you can receive the Digital Deluxe Edition for free. The Deluxe Edition includes the original soundtrack sampler (five songs in total), avatars, and a digital art book, for all your wallpaper and desktop needs.

The Steam page warns that Bayonetta is best experienced with a controller, so please keep that in mind when you’re booting it up.

If it’s been awhile since you’ve brushed up on Bayonetta, she is the lone survivor of a witch clan that fights to keep the balance between light, dark, and chaos. Because light and dark just isn’t enough of a dichotomy.

Nonetheless, in an apparent move to keep herself alive, Bayonetta was entombed. 500 years later, she is reawakened and the world is a little off. Thus, through some unknown mystery, her revival sparks the apocalypse.

Throughout the game, Bayonetta is on a mission to discover what went wrong and to fight for a better future. Magical hair, stilettos in gun form and all. What could be sexier, right?


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