Let it Die: Major Updates Coming to Free-to-Play PS4 Game

It looks like GungHo Online Entertainment isn’t planning to let their free to play game, Let it Die, die, as the company has announced their plans to update the game.let it die update

This afternoon, we received word that the game has numerous content updates in the works to keep players interested in the game for the long haul.

First on the list is the addition of an all-new area in the Tower of Barbs. There will also be new 6-star fighters added, with White Steel, the first of the 4 FORCEMEN, being added at the end of April.

Starting on April 13th, the game will also see its first event named Metal Madness, which will be a weapon and armor crafting Chokufunsya event for both beginners and intermediate players. The event will run through April 27th.

The game will also see the addition of a new RG Series of specialized RAGE-inspired weapons, as well as a new set of Skill Decals that will only be available for a limited time on April 15-17.

Let it Die released for free back in December 3, 2016 to mixed reviews, and it currently holds a Metacritic score of 72/100, with most taking points away for repetitive level design and a terrible freemium model.

There aren’t any other details available quite yet, but if you want a bit more info, check out the developer livestream.

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