The PS VR Is A Beta Test For Business VR Integration

In an interview with Australian Financial Review Weekend, Sony president Kazuo Hirai made it clear that Sony is moving on from smartphones to focus on VR technology. The company would continue to make smartphones, as a kind of foot in the door just in case, but Hirai admits the crown has and will belong to Apple and Samsung.The PS VR Is A Beta Test For Business VR Integration


Instead, it seems, Hirai believes that the next evolution of the smartphone within the next decade will be something like VR and other wireless technology. Such as headphones and remotes around the house and office.

President Hirai wants to make commercial-grade VR, something that businesses can use to train employees. He used the example that airline staff are required to train in hazardous tasks, VR would be much safer for training. However, he does admit that Sony is ahead of the game by being able to develop VR for entertainment and gaming first, until VR technology becomes more viable elsewhere.

So what does this mean for PlayStation? Basically that Sony wants to develop and fine tune the PS VR through the medium of gaming to the point where the company will be absolutely ready when VR establishes itself as the next stage in technology after the smartphone.

Thus, in the meantime we get wicked technology and features, though not all will likely be good ideas, and probably even better games. The gaming industry is the beta test for Sony’s VR, who knew.

What do you think of Sony’s change in focus? Is it a good thing that Sony is turning away from smartphones? Do you think President Hirai is right about VR’s use in the business environment? Let us know in the comments below!


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