Overwatch: Overly Confident About Smurfing?

Smurfing, not to be confused with little blue people, is when a high-level player creates or buys a new account just to beat up on the lower-level players. This is naturally not well accepted in the gaming community, and has thus been the subject of a long Overwatch forum discussion.

Overwatch: Overly Confident About Smurfing?
Source: iFunny

It has finally come to the attention of Overwatch director Jeff Kaplan and it seems that he doesn’t see as much of a problem with it as others do.

Kaplan is extremely confident that Blizzard’s cheating detection system and matchmaking system are able to pick up on the differences between a skilled player just starting out and someone smurfing the system.

However, Kaplan was quick to point out that smurfing could be connected to another type of “cheating,” called boosting. Boosting is when in competitive play, a higher-skilled player partners with a lower-level in order to boost them up the level ladder, as it were.

As opposed to smurfing, boosting is something Kaplan says the Overwatch team is actively watching out for and will be stopping entirely as soon as possible. Unlike smurfing, Kaplan sees boosting as intentional cheating and intends to crack down on the problem just as they have with aiming bots.

Do you think smurfing should be considered cheating? Or did Kaplan make the right decision? Let us know in the comments below!


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