Full Project Scorpio Reveal Confirmed For E3

Not that it’s been a secret or anything, but Phil Spencer has announced that Project Scorpio is officially going to debut at E3 2017. It still might be a separate event, that hasn’t been confirmed yet, but we shall see. Nonetheless, so far we know that Project Scorpio is the most powerful console to date with extremely unique technology.

These custom specs put it far above the PS4 Pro, much to the speculation of some who still wonder what the point of the Pro is.Phil Spencer Confirms Project Scorpio For E3

However, the Pro, is still more likely to sell than the Scorpio simply because of the games available on the PS4 system. As we’ve said before, Microsoft needs a long line-up of great new games exclusive to the Xbox family before the Scorpio truly starts selling. The highlight of their current line of exclusives being Halo 2, Crackdown 3, Sea of Thieves, and Cuphead.

Each of these, save for Cuphead, have had lackluster reactions. Halo 2 seems to be appealing to the fans of the franchise, the rest of us are unimpressed with repetitive gameplay and story. Crackdown 3 is having a hard time standing out while Overwatch is still the most popular multiplayer first-person shooter.

Sea of Thieves is also a multiplayer game, but does stand out because of its intense pirate theme. After some gameplay footage and early beta tests, Sea of Thieves looks to be a lot of fun and has been dubbed a game with great potential.

But potential isn’t enough to sell what is going to be a very expensive console. We’re all hoping against hope that Microsoft will have an amazing line-up come E3 to compliment their equally amazing Project Scorpio.


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