Tokyo Ghoul Live-Action Film Announcement Trailer

According to this intriguing teaser trailer, Tokyo Ghoul is officially becoming a live-action film. It’s not the first time the manga has been converted into film, as there is an anime with two seasons. However this is the first time it will be a live-action adaptation and it will be directed by Kentarô Hagiwara.

The trailer doesn’t reveal much, but it’s fascinating to see how some of the characters look even for a few seconds. If you aren’t already an avid fan, Tokyo Ghoul is originally a manga centred around Ken Keneki, a half-ghoul half-human hybrid with supernatural powers.

In the world of this manga, ghouls are much like our zombies, except that they can pass for a normal human most of the time. They just happen to eat human flesh now and then. Being a hybrid, this life is all the more difficult for Keneki, who has to keep it all a secret from normal people.

According to the trailer, this live-action Tokyo Ghoul will be release July 29, unfortunately in Japan only. Hopefully someone will make subtitles for it and a few other countries can watch as well, however they might choose to acquire it once the movie is released.


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