Titanfall 2 Soon To Have New Titan And Maps

According to Respawn and EA, Titanfall 2 is getting a new DLC that includes a new Titan, four maps, and two Prime Titans, Marked for Death game mode, and a few updated game features.Titanfall 2 Soon To Have New Titan And Maps

The new Titan has not yet been detailed, but Respawn does promise that there will be more information coming closer to the release date. Which will be sometime before the end of June. The four new maps, two for the Live Fire mode, and two for all other modes, will be released at the same time.

The two new Prime Titans will be launched with their counterparts Ronin and Tone, though they don’t seem to have been named yet or what their unique abilities will be. These guys come in addition to the Gen level cap increase to 100 (for all those expert players out there), longer private match options, new multiplayer faction, and executions. All very exciting to be sure, as we leap leap leap along in Titanfall 2‘s well-crafted multiplayer.

Marked for Death was also included in this plan and will be launching at the end of June as well. This is the mode where one player on the IMC and one player on the Frontier Militia are marked as targets. Both teams are required to defend their own target while attempting to kill the other team’s target. What could be more fun? I can’t wait to try it out!


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