Nintendo Switch: The Fastest Selling Console For Nintendo

According to a press release from Nintendo, the NPD Group states that the Nintendo Switch has sold over 906,000 units in the US for March. This makes the Switch the fastest selling console from Nintendo to date, though these numbers are within a “nontraditional month.” Which is code for a period longer than or shorter than 30 days.Nintendo Switch: The Fastest Selling Console For Nintendo


In addition to this lovely sales number, is the number of The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild units sold, at 925,000. You might notice that number is a great deal more than the number of Switches sold. No, the number doesn’t include Wii U copies. Nintendo offers an explanation for this, however, stating that it might be from folks who bought both the limited edition and a second version to actually play.

Sure Nintendo, whatever you say. They are not wrong in that there are some very avid Zelda fans out there that prefer to have one completely untouched copy, and one that can be played, damaged, and shared without worry. One might even call them collectors, if you will.

Nonetheless, 906,000 units and it’s not even Christmas. I think we can call it now, and say that this is significantly more than the Wii, and even more than the N64.


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