Developers Remedy of Quantum Break Are Making Two New Games

According to a recent earnings report from Remedy, the studio behind Quantum Break and Alan Wake, they are working on a sequel to CrossFire and a brand new game codenamed P7. There was no mention what P7 would be about, or if it would be a sequel to Remedy’s Alan Wake or Quantum Break.Developers Remedy of Quantum Break Are Making Two New Games

However, in a recent tweet, Remedy has mentioned that they very much intend on making an Alan Wake 2, but that the focus now is on CrossFire and P7. In addition, Quantum Break has been mentioned in the past by Microsoft’s Aaron Greenberg as not needing a sequel any more than some movies do.

The studio did assure fans that they are looking expand their range of platforms, so it looks like whatever new game they are making, it won’t be an Xbox exclusive. Remedy even went so far as to emphasize that the engine they built for Quantum Break, Northlight, will be able to support the PS4.

The CrossFire sequel is per Remedy’s cooperation with publisher Smilegate, as the game’s popularity has only grown since its release way back in 2007. There are currently 650 million registered users on the first person shooter online multiplayer. Hopefully we’ll be seeing some updated graphics with this one, as it has certainly been long enough for technology to allow for it. Though CrossFire 2 will likely not reach the same heights that Quantum Break did.

What do you think P7 will be about? What do you look forward to in a brand new CrossFire? Let us know in the comments below.


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