Kill Strain Servers Shut Down After Only 8 Months

Just as we must highlight video game successes, we must also highlight failures. Kill Strain, despite being a completely free to play MOBA, was never very popular in the first place. The game was plagued with balance issues and repetitive gameplay. Kill Strain had one mode: two opposing human teams that needed to fight against the virus together. Problem was, this hardly ever happened and the strain always won.Kill Strain Servers Shut Down After Only 8 Months

Kill Strain launched in July of last year with as little hype as possible, though there was potential in the game. Some fans had hope for improvements. However, the lack of response from Sony implied that the game was perhaps more of an experiment rather than a serious attempt at a MOBA.

To cement this implied fate, Sony has officially announced that Kill Strain‘s servers will no longer be available come July 1st. Not quite the game’s one year anniversary, but nonetheless, this announcement comes after only 8 months of being open to the public.

The other game servers Sony has shut down include a few PS3 titles: High Velocity Bowling, Medieval Moves: Deadmund’s Quest, Sports Champions, Sports Champions 2. Again, not exactly the most popular of titles in the first place. I do not think many gamers will miss any of these titles.

Does Kill Strain‘s shut down mean that Sony might be trying the MOBA genre again? What will they have learned that other MOBA’s haven’t made clear? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!


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