Rumor: Twitch Will Have Two New Subscription Tiers

According to a post in NeoGAF, an email has been sent out to monthly Twitch subscribers revealing two new higher subscription tiers. In addition to the original $5 one, you can now join a $10 or $25 tier. You’ll be seeing these options soon, provided that the fellow you’re subscribed to as opted into the beta.Rumor: Twitch Will Have Two New Subscription Tiers


Each new tier includes early access to emotes for subscribers and new features for the streamers. The streamers will have 50 tiers of growth instead of 14 and mitigate the fluctuating subscriber numbers, Twitch is offering permanently unlocked emotes as the subscriber count grows, rather than changing as people are lost and gained.

Furthermore, the $10 tier counts as two subscribers, and $25 is not five, but six. This will certainly help a lot streamers who are struggling to meet those big numbers despite a loyal following. Streamers can also provide exclusive emotes to certain subscription tiers, another great advantage for the subscribers.

This is all in addition to the already ad-free Prime subscription the $5 gets you, regardless of which streamers you are subscribed to. And of course, the more you spend, the more your favorite streamers will get as a portion of what you pay Twitch goes straight to them. So it’s not just emotes you’ll be getting, but you’ll be paying streamers to continue what you love best.


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