“Prepare To Dine” Has Been Announced As Code Vein

After a very pretty teaser trailer for a new game from Bandai Namco that included the hashtag “prepare to dine,” now has a title. As revealed by Famitsu (translated via Gematsu), Code Vein is a new action RPG to come out sometime next year. The full reveal of the game will be a couple days from now on April 20th, then we won’t have to translate anymore."Prepare To Dine" Has Been Announced As Code Vein

The developers behind God Eater, Shift, are working on Code Vein. It will be set in a dystopian future full of vampires called Revenants.

The latter being the heroes that presumably go after the monsters in the teaser and are gifted with supernatural powers to help them through it all.

However, these supernatural powers don’t come without a price; Revenants must still imbibe blood to stay dangerous and healthy. Luckily, they apparently have their own version of Navi – I mean, helpful AI – to keep the player on track and avoid any game overs.

According to Gematsu, Code Vein is “a dramatic exploration” of the RPG genre and will challenge your skills as a gamer. It gets more intriguing the more I hear about this game. However it won’t be until next year that we’ll have the game in our hands to tell you more. But don’t fret, more trailers are coming on the 20th and we’ll be able to make an educated judgement.

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