eSports Is An Official Olympic Sport For 2022

Well, it’s official. Video games are an olympic sport now, making the desire to play video games professionally an evermore viable career option for kids and adults alike. Due to the partnership of the Olympic Council of Asia and Alisports, eSports is now a medal event that has been added to the 2022 Asian Games schedule. It is also due to the rapidly rising popularity of video games “among the youth,” which is a sweet way of saying video games are too popular to ignore anymore.Esports Is An Official Olympic Sport For 2022

The games to be included at the 2022 events will be “FIFA 17, MOBA (Multiplayer Online Battle Arena), and RTA (Real Time Attack) gaming types.” Furthermore, the OCA is happy to continue the tradition of including more and more ever-evolving sports as they come to improve Asian sports. As such, the OCA has mentioned that it will look forward to more digital sport additions from Alisports.

All of which is just a fancy way of saying they’re in it for the money. As Alisports president Zhang Dazhong states, they will be working together to provide more sponsors for the Asian Games to maximize market value and so that OCA may reap the “benefits and advantages” of the deal.

There are no two ways about it, eSports is one of the highest grossing sports in the world and it has only been growing. Even if you’re not into eSports, video games being a part of any Olympics, even just the Asian ones, is a huge step for the industry. Not only will the money talk for it spread further, but more and more people will able to learn about and get into the medium of video games, as a player or as an aspiring developer.


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