New Street Fighter 5 Skins are Still $4 Each

I dare you not to look at her chest.

Capcom has announced today more about that work-themed Street Fighter 5 DLC. Three characters in the game, Alex, R. Mika, and Chun-Li, can get a new line of work costumes, otherwise known as skins.New Street Fighter 5 Skins are $4 Each

Alex can don a shirtless firefighter outfit, luckily he won’t be putting out any fires with all that exposed skin. Or will he? R. Mika will be getting various colored cheerleader outfits, all of which put breast physics to the test. Seriously, tell me her eye color. Chun-Li isn’t left out of the sexy category either, with a lovely business suit. High split on the pencil skirt and all.

These will be released April 25th with the Thailand stage DLC. Each of these costumes, not the series, not a bundle, each of these will be $4, or 70,000 Fight Money. Indeed, at a rate like that, it would be much easier to play the game than fork over that much for a simple costume change.

It is not made clear why Capcom is still charging so much for these skins, given the outrage months ago when other skins debuted at the same price, other than counting on our wanting to throw money at their games. Nonetheless, hopefully if enough fans complain about it, perhaps the price will drop to something more reasonable.

Personally, these costumes aren’t nearly elaborate enough to justify the price. It would make way more sense if Capcom put these themed series in a bundle for about that price, rather than each. Would you pay $4 for these skins? Let us know in the comments!

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