THQ Nordic Reveals New Trailer For Elex

THQ Nordic has released a trailer for Piranha Bytes’ new game, Elex. The trailer goes through the prologue of the game with a slideshow of various artworks to tell the story. There is no gameplay, so if you want an idea of what the game might look like, there are a couple pre-alpha videos on Piranha Bytes’ channel. The advertisement for the Razor keyboard shows a little combat and such, but again pre-alpha footage.

Nonetheless, the prologue trailer does give us a glimpse into the world of Elex and the various factions on the planet Magalan. After a serious disaster that should have destroyed the atmosphere, the civilization of Magalan divided into Berserkers, Outlaws, Albs, and Clerics.

I don’t know why they’re still called Clerics, it seems like a placeholder name to me. It feels out of place when they managed to be more creative with the names for barbarians, rogues, and their very own Albs. As result of these old school classes combined with a post-apocalyptic world, however, you can have just about any type of weapon you please. Elex offers everything from a medieval weaponry to shotguns and plasma rifles.

These four factions revolve around the use of a new substance called Elex. All of them are addicted to it with varying amounts of control and use it to gain special combat abilities. The conflict of the game, is that everyone is fighting for control of Elex.

You choose your faction and from then on, according to Piranha Bytes, everything you do will influence the game and the future of your world. The press release also mentions that you must “find a companion,” though it’s unclear if that means an NPC, a co-op mode, or the player’s character.

Elex will be launching sometime before the end of this year onto the PS4, PC, and Xbox One.

Would you consider picking this game up? What are your thoughts on the trailer? Let us know in the comments below!


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