Middle-Earth: Shadow Of War’s New Trailer Shows Off Stealth Skills

More Shadow of War pre-alpha footage is coming your way on the hype train! Developer Monolith has once again revealed to IGN another video of Shadow of War gameplay. This time the alpha footage features the Predator skill tree, where you can gain some sweet combat moves and become a master silent assassin.

These include: Elven Agility (you can climb even better than Ezio), Spectral Dash (a fast dash over short distances), Brutalize (press square to assassinate and terrify enemies), Poison Tendril (poison barrels of grog from a safe distance), Wraith Chain (kill multiple enemies in one move), and finally Deadly Spectre (sick Celebrimbor on an enemy instead). Each of these can be further customized to be even more badass as you progress.

My personal favourite is the Wraith Chain, it reminds me of Domino from Dishonored 2 where you can link multiple enemies to the same fate. Though imagine with my kind of play style, Poison Tendril would be used more often. I do like to keep my distance as much as possible.

All in all, I can’t wait until this game finally comes out already and we see more official game footage, instead of just alpha. I’ll have a little bit to wait, however, as Shadow of War launches August 22nd on the PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

What do you think of these combat moves? Let us know the comments!


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