Optical Effects Software Used For Dark Souls Now Supports Nintendo Switch

YEBIS 3, designed by Silicon Studio (via Nintendo Insider), is an advanced optical effects middleware product that has been used for many well known games, such as Dark Souls III, Bloodborne, and Dynasty Warriors 7. And now it is able to support games for the Nintendo Switch as well.Optical Effects Software Used For Dark Souls Now Supports Nintendo Switch

To be clear, “optical effects” is the more technical way of saying lighting software. This is a program, like an effects brush in Photoshop except more complicated, dedicated entirely to the nuances of lighting. Or an even more simple example, like adjusting contrast and saturation levels for a photo.

YEBRIS does that on a much larger scale, it can calculate how many different kinds of light will reflect off of various surfaces, such as armor versus rocks. For example, depth of field allows light to illuminate more points on a given animation. Instead of just treating a character in full plate as smooth solid, it can find the various angles of the body and armor.

That said, it is still just a piece of a much larger engine for game developers. It doesn’t mean that the above listed games will coming to the Nintendo Switch, but it helps by a lot. Think of those games as maybe being 30% compatible with the Switch now (if not more), so there is still a lot of work to do but it makes things a lot easier for the developers working on porting their games over to the Switch.


So, not confirmation by any means, but the steps are there and YEBIS’s compatibility is important to note for future games on the Switch as well. As least for developers, they know how good they can make their game look on Nintendo’s console.

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