Code Vein Boasts Art Style That Will Appeal To Western Audiences

In an interview Famitsu (translation via Kite Stenbuck), Code Vein director Hiroshi Yoshimura and project lead Yusuke Tomizawa talked about the creation of the game and it’s apparently unique animation. Though both developers are obviously Japanese, and the art of Code Vein is influenced by that, Yoshimura has stated that elements of realism are included in order to appeal to “a broader range of Westerners.”Code Vein Boasts Art Style That Will Appeal To Western Audiences

By this, they are likely referring to the game’s world at large, rather than the character design itself. Judging by the screen shots revealed thus far of Code Vein, the characters are very much in the genre of anime.

From the toes of their laced boots to the tips of their gravity-defying hair, all the characters shown could be used to define the anime genre. As such, we must to turn the world to see what is so Western about the design of Code Vein.

The city, ruins, and various caverns can be considered Western, though there is nothing that precisely signifies this. It is too plain and somewhat generic to truly depict one culture’s art style over the other. The only thing I can truly pick out, is that perhaps the lighting of each screen shot is perhaps more like Western games than Japanese focused ones. But that is completely arbitrary too, as such vampire-themed anime are just as starkly lit.

For those that it does appeal to however, there will be more footage of the game coming in early May and will release sometime this year. Code Vein will arrive on “major home consoles,” according to the interview.

Will you be picking up Code Vein? Is there anything Western about the art style that you can see? Does it matter to you if the art style is anime or not? Let us know in the comments below!


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