Kingdom Hearts 3, Final Fantasy 7 Remake Not Releasing in 2017

It’s been awhile since we’ve heard anything official from Kingdom Hearts 3, the whimsical sequel that has been in production since 2006 (and first confirmed by Square in 2013). And officially speaking, that still hasn’t changed. However, unofficially, we’ve just received confirmation that neither Kingdom Hearts 3 nor the Final Fantasy 7 Remake will make it into 2017, according to a leaked internal document.

In the document, Square Enix has two separate columns: FY2017 and FY2018 & Beyond. Of course, neither title appears in the 2017 section, as both appear underneath the FY2018 and beyond header.

kingdom hearts 3 release date

Also worth noting is that neither of them actually have a date next to them, whereas many of the other titles in the list have release dates (or, at least, confirmed windows). Also appearing in the 2018 column is the Marvel IP license, which is more than likely going to be the ‘beyond’ that Square Enix is referring to in the image.

Of course, this shouldn’t come as a big surprise to most who have been following its development, as updates on its progress are few and far between. What’s more, we’ve only actually received a total of 8 minutes of gameplay from the game since its announcement in 2013.

One comment on the source thread where this news was found on NeoGaf pretty much sums it up: “Being a Square-Enix fan must be the worst thing in the world”.

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